Mist bead bracelet

Mist bead bracelet series:
It’s natural beauty, comfortable to wear and durable.
A bead is covered with colored beads like a cloud, making the whole bead look unique. I just like to call it fog beads. It gives a dreamlike and lovely look, and the bright colors bring out the characteristics of beautiful beads.
Coupled with another transparent white bead, this bracelet adds some ornamental points and adds a lot of color. Rather than saying it is a white bead, it is better to say it is a crystal clear see-through bead. It is characterized by bright and dazzling colors in the sun.
If you look carefully, under the illumination of light, it is not only transparent white but also other faint colors. This mist bead bracelet feels very light and not heavy on the hand. Don’t look at the size of each bead.
It’s actually very light. The combination of the two beads and the fact that this mist bead bracelet is connected to each other by stainless steel is a very good style. If you use it to match clothing, it has a wide range of options. It also shows natural lightness, leisure and vitality.

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