Appearance Products

Fashionable beauty embellishes life. People can look at the colors, styles and materials they like, and the products made of them can add a joy to themselves, whether they are self-wearing or gift-giving.

Necklace Section

Fog Beads Necklace Section

Necklace matching clothing has always been the most will show personal temperament beautification. Suitable for both self-wear and gift-giving. This kind of beads is very special, like a mist that will dimly illuminate the beads to show that this kind of beads is different. Various colors are available.

Stainless Steel Necklace

This Necklace material is Stainless Steel Chain. It comes with different pattern pendant that is special point for this Necklace.

Mini Star Beads combine with other beads Necklace–stainless Steel Necklace

It is stainless Steel made. Those Beads combine bring nature vision light blue

Sliver Snake Necklace

This Kind of Necklace call 925 Sliver Snake Necklace, its pendant is cute and have beautiful color

Autume Leave Beads Necklace

This kind of Necklace are all the Beads: not only having beads as crystal clear but also having light blue beads with autume leave impress.

This is the same style beads but impression pattern is different. It brings vision will different with previously necklace

Flower Beads Necklace

Another kind of Beads that is Flower beads Necklace with stretchable thread

– –cute flower beads bring necklace in different look style.

Bei Ke Necklace Section

This kind of Necklace has special pendant that is electroplate spray paint with wonderful color. It is made of high quality shell material, suitable for long-term using. It is durable, not easy to fade. the surface is smooth and feels very comfortable when your hand touch it.

Hair Pin Section

Iron Hair Pin

It can tidy up your hair without flying or messy, it embellishes your hair beautifully and neatly

Stainless Steel Hair Pin

The simple pattern is beautiful when you gently pinch it on your head.

It is stainless steel hair pin with a bird and flower Pattern. it is not gold color but getting photo it automatic become gold color. In fact, it is stainless steel Color

Bracelet Section

Flower Bracelet

This is another style handmade bracelet–It has 2 pieces around matte brass beads Real 18K gold plated metal beads,fogs beads, flower beads and transparent beads.

This is one kind of handmade bracelet–the line put many beautiful transparent beads and fog beads togethers

Stainless Steel Beads Bracelet

Staineless Steel Bracelet with two kinds of beads

These beads are very eye-catching. The beads are friendly and comfortable to the eyes. The color and luster of the beads are very natural. This is the characteristic of these beads.

Combine Beads Bracelet – Mini Star Bracelet

Mini Star Bracelet has three different style and color mini beads.

The mini beads are small but very cute. The colors are bright and the visual feeling is natural, comfortable and relaxed.

Earring Section

Golden Color Earring

Those type of earrings are exquisite, durable, beautiful, non-fading, rust-proof, and anti-sensitivity. These earring stud posts are made of alloy and the earring stud pins are made of stainless steel

Stainless Steel with Glass Flower Beads

Those Mini Flower Beads and Fog Beads with stainless steel ball pin and earring hooks

Mix color Glass Beads with stainless Steel

It is glass Beads. Ocean blue combine with coffee color

It is not prastice Beads. so it has a little weight

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